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What do I mean by Medicine Womyn-

Here’s the deal-

School For Medicine Womyn is sort of a play on words- the school part anyway. The true school of every medicine womyn is life, no if and or buts about it. In honoring the way of the medicine womyn, many fences have been put up to create respect around the calling. But some of these “fences” have become the obstacle for womyn showing up to catalyze their unique experiences and gifts for the healing of the whole community.

This is not about laying claim on a name, although naming yourself is important. It is about the integrity of the call and what it is to live life as a conduit. No spirit of exclusivity or territory marking here. Medicine Womyn live in service of the greater collective which, although overly glorified in modern times,  it is far from glorious work. The sustainability of Medicine Womyn  is where my work is.

I am deeply aware, through both experience and collective stories, about the challenges of finding mentors and seeing ourselves as enough or “qualified”  to bring our gifts to the table.

We are in an interesting age where there is unhealthy appropriation without thought of the impact on the cultures represented. Then, there are folks removed many times through the direct impact of colonization over generations  from those who would have mentored them. What are we to do? Where are we to go? Who heals the healers and who femtors (female mentor) the Medicine Womyn of this generation? Femtoring that is free of ego and does not require the giving up of personal power!

How do we do this without having to sell our homes to go on a trip for a vision quest on another land? And if you have, please join us to share in the sacred journey  🙂

How do we honor where we are at and what’s been lost and open up to what the medicine womyn looks like in our generation?

We all have something to offer; we all bring medicine. This is not found without but within!

So here is School For Medicine Womyn. A place where seasoned sista’s come for deeper conversation around deconstructing norms, decolonizing templates and nourishing ourselves deeply. It is also a space for sista’s just beginning to show up in their work and needing support, teachings and tools.

The ecosystem of a medicine womyn to me looks like:

The Sacred: Roots: Herself: Home: Community- and as you know, there is so much in there! We have teachings and conversations for days.

Ultimately this is about (in)powering YOU! Whatever is offered you can take what serves and leave that which does not. This space is not dogmatic. The code of ethics by which we move is sacred and respected. In the spirit of do no harm but keep it real!



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