Angelique is keeper of the Way. This Way is the passionate woman’s way of diving into the center, being with ourselves {all parts of ourselves} so we can heal and honor the whole of our souls, raw and real. Her way is the way to healing our grandmothers, as well as our granddaughters-it’s DNA level re-mastering. And she facilitates this by a listening, a light that boldly shines on your soul, so you can see, truly See. Her work isn’t all soft and feathery. No. Angelique is a warrioress, a tigress, an owl of the night, a midwife and mama of the earth who will stop at nothing to hold you close and hold you accountable for your gifts. Her offerings and services guide us to receive; grace, love, health and straight up superstar status.
Marybeth Bonfiglio-Word Alchemist from
Angelique delivers deep and clear insight into the topics that truly matter to me as I seek to grow spiritually and make an impact on the world. Her presence is at once vibrant and knowing as well as gentle and humble. In this way, in HER way, she is able to create a fun, relaxed and BS free zone where we are all sister teachers. I felt safe bringing my real, messy self to the table to process, heal, grow and give support in community. I love you Angelique and am grateful for the work you do. More please!! Course: LifeCycle West 
Susan Sanelli Hammack from
This course was the deepest, most impactful course I have taken for my soul and self development. Ever. Angelique will blow your mind. I was taken with how strong and full her compassionate heart is, for all beings. For each of us in the class, and our individual journeys. I was awed by the depth of her emotional intelligence, and the integrity she brings to each and every moment of her work. This class is not to be missed. Course: LifeCycle West
Jessica Brogan from
I wish every woman would work with Angelique Arroyo before she started a circle or began a collaboration, especially after a year of silently watching so many women “rise up” as generous medicine keepers while playing mean girls behind the scenes, addicted to their personal reputations, consciously lying, stealing content & hurting so many others thru “gentle-gossip” while looking all bright & shiny. Of course, that’s not who they really are – every woman comes from a place of authentic contribution. Angelique invites us to know ourselves, to create healthy boundaries and to be responsible for those we gather, with a Code of Ethics, Negotiables & Non Negotiables, Exit and Transitional plans so we can hold space in a way that’s healthy & right. 
Maya Corrine Hacket from
Let it be known that Angelique is a queen! She got me right where I was at energetically, from the other side of the country, so that I could get unstuck and move forward with my business. She walked me through our reiki session which was perfect, since it was a new experience for me. By the time we were done, I felt much more at ease with what I was struggling with. Heck, just talking to her made me feel more at ease! Her heart-to-heart support has always made all the difference each and every time. 
Sherelle Johnson from
I fell in love with this woman from afar, yet, now, so very near and dear to my heart!  Angelique is one truly open, loving, and wild woman with enough passion to ignite a live flame right in the center of your heart!  My flame is burning so bright from the class she taught.  She encouraged me to dig as deep as I wanted, entertain what came up, sit with it, feel it, talk about it, and let it go at the end.  Such beauty and such amazing powerful love!  She was the perfect gift at the exact perfect time for me.  Thank you deeply Angelique!

She has this amazing ability to help you with your vision, take it, honor it, and then break it down into manageable pieces with the patience of a Saint!  All of a sudden things weren’t so scary and I felt the ease of being able to move forward on my journey to bring my passion to life and give it to the world.   I look forward to working with Angelique more in the future as she is truly the Passionate Wise Woman!  She is worth every second of your time and every dime you spend!

Shelly Norris from
This group was an evolving, changing organism that slowly but surely connected all of us women in amazing ways….. our dreams, our struggles, our collective consciousness as female entrepreneurs who are finding, individually and collectively, our souls, our essence and our passion. Angelique created a sacred space for that all to happen and grow. Her authenticity, her honesty, and her courage nurtured those same qualities in us all. Her acceptance of herself and each one of us encouraged our own self-awareness, -acceptance and –presence. 

The assignments, resources, support and connections that she provided, I believe, created an environment of curiosity and growth. The power that we need to create effective, life-sustaining, life-giving, vibrant energy for our individual businesses and our collective enterprises was present and nourished by Angelique. By honoring her journey/passion and ours, she imbued confidence and healing for us to take ownership of our own unique expression of ourselves in our business and in business partnerships. Course: Women’s Leadership Circle at ASSETS Lancaster

Peg Zimmerman, M.A. Holistic Counselor
 From the moment I saw the application for the Women’s Leadership Circle being led by Angelique Arroyo, I knew this Circle was going to be something very unique and special. The questions on the application got me to dig deep in thinking about what I envision for my work and what I bring to it . The application was, of course, only the beginning. Angelique brought together a beautiful mix of women whose ages and experience spanned four decades, and served as our “spiritual midwife”, gently guiding us through deep exploration and reflection on how we define leadership, our unique visions and missions for our respective realms of work, new ways to think about partnerships, collaboration and community engagement, and ways of finding balance between our work, our families and taking care of ourselves as “passionate wise women.”

This Circle was a place where we collectively and individually “gave birth” to new ideas and perspectives. In the Circle, we found the support we needed to let go of negative and unproductive ways of thinking and moving in our work. In the midst of those dialogues with each other, we laughed, cried, ranted, cursed and bonded, ultimately growing into a circle of supportive sisters who will continue to lift each other up as each of us helps to shape and impact the Lancaster community for years to come. Angelique’s warm spirit, deep intuition and irreverent “bad-ass-ness” drew the best out of us and let us see for ourselves the value we bring to the world. I highly recommend Angelique and the Circle for any woman seeking new growth and exploration in her work and her life. Course: Women’s Leadership Circle at ASSETS Lancaster

Melanie G. Snyder from Lancaster County Reentry Management Organization and